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Ethiopia Nano Challa Lot #8

Ethiopia Nano Challa Lot #8

Coffee Flavor and Roast Profile

Orange, sugary, peach, juicy, clean, slight vanilla, slight floral.

About this Coffee

 It has been a while since we have brought in a fresh crop stunner from the always-consistent Red Fox. With delays across the supply line, especially coming from Africa, we jumped on this fresh arrival. Unfortunately, we lost a full bag in transport to an errant forklift stabbing, making this lot a fair bit rarer than we intended. Top lots from Ethiopia are often celebrated for their floral characters. This lots zags, offering a fully juicy fruit character with a hint of florals on the finish. A fun and juicy lot!

How we drink it

Early on in this lots development, we are really enjoying this one from paper filter methods. In particular we enjoy our Kono Wave pour over method:

Kono Wave dripper with Kalita Wave 185 filter
20g coffee (grind a bit finer than v60)
340g water (1:17 ratio)
50g bloom @ 200F for 1 minute
Pour up to 220g for 1 minute
Draw down to just above bed, reheat kettle to 200F
Finish pour up to 340g in tight, centered pour
Total brew time 3:30-4:00


Region: Limmu
Station: Kata Maduga




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