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~Colombia Las Hermosas natural EA Decaf

~Colombia Las Hermosas natural EA Decaf

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Caramel, citrus, juicy, round, balanced.

Coffee Profile Details:

We branched out a bit with our decaf offerings, bringing in this natural EA offering to offer a little lighter profile for our decaf fans. This decaf process is called EA, or ethyl acetate. It is a solvent, in this case derived from sugarcane, that works wonders with caffeine. It targets little else, so we get a lot of the acidity and sweetness that is sometimes lost with other methods. For this reason, we roast it a little lighter to give the cup a very nice balance and plenty of juicy notes to appreciate.

How we like it:

A very flexible roast profile, with something to enjoy across all methods.



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Washed, natural EA decaf


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