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Ecuador Galo Morales Flores

Ecuador Galo Morales Flores

2021 Good Food Awards Finalist

This nomination means a lot to us; it shows a side of our company that isn't immediately apparent in the cup. It recognizes our commitment to good practices: paying good prices back to farmers and workers, creating a consistently high quality product, taking steps to minimize our environmental impact, and being good stewards in our community.

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Release Schedule:
We will release one batch at a time, select your preferred roast date from the menu. Each date is a Sunday, coffee will ship Monday and Thursday after roast date.

Coffee flavor profile:

Layers of flavors, that just keep coming. Plum and soft stone fruits; jasmine and florals, sweet bubblegum; chocolate and almond. Many subtle and complex flavors to seek out as you sip.

How we sourced it:

We bought this coffee via Royal Crown Jewels, impulsively, because it sounded very good. When we first tasted it, we knew we should save it for a special occasion. Royal Crown Jewel coffees have a great deal of readily available information in the form of their dossiers. Read the archived dossier for this coffee, and check out a video discussion on this coffee from the importer.

Don Galo Morales Flores and his wife Maria Alexandra Rivera run Finca Cruz Loma, a farm with an established reputation for excellence. This lot has won competitions locally: Best of Quito-Pichincha 2019, and it was used in the Ecuadorian National Barista Competition by the first place winner. So it is no surprise to see it garnering rightful attention here. It is a truly remarkable coffee.

How we roast it:

This coffee showed a lot of different character throughout its profile development. We found that controlling it's runaway nature was key to maintaining a clean cup, while stretching out the roast allowed for continued sweetness and avoided over-tart flavors despite the very low finishing temp. The resulting roast seeks maximum clarity with tons of complex flavors. Nothing in particular screams out-- this is a mellow cup-- but endless in its layers.

How we drink it:

This stunning coffee is probably best enjoyed via paper filter methods that allow the most clarity in the cup possible. A very tightly dialed espresso shot yields a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate ganache note with bright, complex acidity.



Farm: Finca Cruz Loma
Producer: Galo Morales Flores
Region: San José de Minas, Pichincha


Mixed Fermentation

Mixed Drying


Caturra, Improved Typica, Sidra

Trade partner

Royal Coffee