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Modern Blend
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Modern Blend

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Almond pastry, peach, nectarine, vanilla, creamy, layered, complex, clean, bright.

Roast Profile Details:

Modern Blend was created over the last several months as a sort of design project. Given a few specific requirements, and a few limitations, we set out to put together a very cohesive flavor experience. Some of the considerations we had in mind:

A blend that revolved around Peru Salkantay as the base
A blend that tasted great as an espresso, extracted at a 1:2 ratio
A blend that was composed of coffees roasted to their own profiles, and post roast blended

Peru Salkantay is a unique coffee with very deep sweetness and body, even when lightly roasted. We knew when we purchased it that we would like to use it as espresso, and indeed as a single origin offering it shines. Building upon this excellent foundation, we looked for other coffees with similar acidic compounds. Namely, tartaric and phosphoric acids. Peru Salkantay has a very deep, sweet grape / fig note, so we looked for coffees with similar nuances. The first lot we found that stood out was the Ecuador Rosa Incarnacion, which has plenty of very juicy and intense acidic notes along the lines of watermelon, cherry, and grape. Immediately after, testing a separate blend out with our stellar Ethiopia Yukro, we found the peach and nectarine notes might play very well with this concept.

The common thread tying these coffees together allows its identity to remain intact while also offering a unique experience depending on brew method. While originally intended for espresso, it has impressed in drip and cold or iced methods. Really quite a fun blend.

How we drink it:

The sky is the limit!