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Space Jam: Fruitnado

Space Jam: Fruitnado


Blend Flavor Profile:

Fruity, jammy, juicy. Strawberry, raspberry, cherry, pomegranate, watermelon, lime, orange blossom, slightly floral, syrupy, sweet, fruit juice, clean, intense, heavily fragrant.

Roast Profile Details:

Here we go again! Our Summer seasonal Space Jam is here, ready to entrance your taste buds. A dazzling display of our juiciest coffees, this year's Space Jam is simply meant to be fun and sessionable. There are many notes to pick out, but we chose to focus on the tactile senses enjoyed while drinking this blend. So kick back and relax with a light, bright, clean, juicy offering perfect for Summer.

How we drink it:

Space Jam: Total Eclipse is fun every which way! Great as cold brew, and with standard espresso ratios (~1:2).



Ethiopia, Limu, Kossa Geshe

Burundi, Nkonge, Heza, Long Miles Coffee Project


Natural & washed

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