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Colombia Finca El Paraiso Huila Magico

Colombia Finca El Paraiso Huila Magico


Coffee flavor profile:

Plum, mango, softly sweet stonefruits, juicy, clean, vibrant.

How we sourced it:

Life as a small coffee farmer is a continuous challenge, especially if you want to produce top lots. However, when it comes to dealing with external factors such as Covid-19, nobody is fully prepared. The Huila Mágico Competition was organized exactly for this purpose. To reward the farmers’ efforts in the face of the pandemic, and, of course, the chance to find the highest quality coffees from this region.

Ernedis Rodriguez, of Finca El Paraiso, took 3rd place in the competition. He earned an additional cash prize on top of the guaranteed contract he was given for his harvest this year. That's an important bit: Ernedis's work was guaranteed ahead of delivery, allowing him to focus on producing the top quality lots he is known for, and eliminating much of the uncertainty that he and other farmers were facing during the 2020 harvest.

This coffee was produced with help from The Bean Project and traded by The Coffee Quest.  

How we roast it:

This coffee needed a bit more time in the roaster to produce the lingering sweetness and very soft melon flavors in the cup. Plenty of sweetness with present, but not prominent, acidity. A light-medium roast that celebrates the fantastic green processing with excellent balance in the cup.

How we drink it:

Like most of our Colombian offerings, this coffee plays well across all brewing methods.



Farm: Finca El Paraiso
Producer: Ernedis Rodriguez
Region: Huila





Trade partner

The Coffee Quest

In collaboration with The Bean Project