Colombia El Paraïso
Colombia El Paraïso
Colombia El Paraïso
Colombia El Paraïso

Colombia El Paraïso

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Size 250g (8.8oz)

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Coffee overview

2022 Good Food Awards Winner
This coffee is part of the staple harvest at El Paraïso, a Caturra variety that offers a good yield and a clean cup. It provides most of the income to the farm. For producer Ernedis Rodriguez, this coffee exemplifies his dedication to consistent processing. Good prices for his work has resulted in a positive cycle of re-investment. Ernedis has installed an eco-washer, drastically reducing water consumption and saving labor hours to be directed towards biodynamic practices. 

Coffee flavor profile

Peach, plum, apricot, stone fruits

Acidity: vibrant, clean
Sweetness: juicy
Body: mild

Recommended brewing

A lovely example of a coffee that offers something unique with both paper filter and espresso methods. For espresso, ratios of 1:3 and above produce very complex and enjoyable shots.


Country: Colombia
Region: Gigante
Farm: Finca El Paraïso
Producer: Ernedis Rodriguez






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