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Colombia Huila Sugarcane Decaf

Colombia Huila Sugarcane Decaf

What is Sugarcane Decaf?

Sugarcane decaf, also known as EA decaf, is a process that involves the fermentation of a sugar-- usually sugarcane, into an alcohol: ethyl acetate. Ethyl acetate is then used to dissolve the caffeine in green coffee beans. The beauty of this process is that it uses a readily available source of sugar that usually grows in the same regions as coffee, meaning that this decaf process can take place at origin (saving energy and logistics). It also leaves more of the flavor intact, and when processed with an already high quality green bean, it can closely match it's non-decaf counterparts.

Coffee flavor profile:

Citrus, milk chocolate, sweet, full body, round, balanced.

How we roast it:

A classic 'omni roast' profile meant to taste great across all brewing methods. There is great balance to this offering, with sweet citrus notes and chocolatey body. Just a touch of acidity here, not much. 

How we drink it:

We love this coffee as a nightcap on our at-home drip brewer, and you will too. Makes an excellent espresso as well. Most methods will work with this coffee. 



Farmers: Multiple smallholder
Region: Huila, Colombia


EA 'sugarcane' decaf process



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