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Colombia Laboyano

Colombia Laboyano


Coffee flavor profile:

Blackberry, pear, kiwi, slight floral, tropical fruits, sweet, citrus, round, well balanced.

How we sourced it:

This coffee is a real gem-- it constantly surprises us on the cupping table. We chose this coffee to target a cupping score of 85 and it is certainly that, and more. We wanted a Colombian lot with this cup score and which returns a fair price back to the farmer. There are many farmers producing coffee at this quality and price range which get overlooked in favor of slightly higher-scoring coffees. We want to make sure our menu reflects a broad range of cup scores, fair prices, and roasting styles.

This coffee was produced by The Bean Project and traded by The Coffee Quest. This excerpt comes via The Coffee Quest:

Cafe Laboyano is a fully traceable coffee comprised primarily of lots from producers in and around the South of Huila, including Pitalito, Palestina, Saladoblanco, and Acevedo. This communal lot is carefully constructed, with every single small lot individually cupped various times before being included within the main lot. In addition to cup quality, each coffee must meet strict physical requirements, including our guidelines for moisture content and water activity. The first time a lot is cupped is when the producer brings a sample to our buying station. Upon approval, the producer will then bring the lot down to the warehouse where it will be cupped again, taking a sample from each sack to ensure consistency. Upon final approval, the parchment coffee is packed in grain-pro and remains untouched until the entire lot is milled.

Cafe Laboyano represents the hard work of dedicated producers whom received not only the highest prices in town on 85+ coffees, but fixed prices throughout the entire harvest! By offering fixed prices, on top of our feedback provided on each sample cupped, we can confidently ask producers to make adjustments in their processing, while reducing their concern over price volatility. The producers who contributed to this lot grow Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Tabi, and Pink Bourbon, with farms sitting at a range of elevations between 1,600 and 2,000 meters. This coffee was constructed in partnership with our friends The Bean Project, whom we expect to do exciting things with in the future!

How we roast it:

This coffee loves the heat, and being fairly dense, loves to drop that heat quickly at the end of the roast. We suss that development out a bit to add more sweetness into the cup and bring a well-rounded balance. Still, this coffee is bright and juicy.

How we drink it:

A well-rounded roast provides a lot to enjoy across a range of brewing styles. Great as drip and a bright espresso.



Farm: Multiple farmers
Producer: The Bean Project
Region: Huila




Caturra, Colombia, Castillo,
Tabi, and Pink Bourbon

Trade partner

The Coffee Quest