Colombia Lote 3 Lot 2
Colombia Lote 3 Lot 2
Colombia Lote 3 Lot 2
Colombia Lote 3 Lot 2

Colombia Lote 3 Lot 2

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Size 250g (8.8oz)

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Coffee overview

Last batch roasted 6/2/2024

An almost "boring washed Caturra" from producer Miller Sarmiento in Santa Maria, Huila, this lot was yeast inoculated for its 36-hour fermentation before washing and drying to meet its 10.5% moisture target. The inoculation adds a bit of cream in the finish of an otherwise juicy and vibrant cup, and is classically washed Huila.

Coffee flavor profile

Raspberry, green apple, honey.

Acidity: tart
Sweetness: malic, punchy
Body: honeyed, creamy

Recommended brewing

Rest: 15-20 days recommended

Filter: A ratio of 1:16.7, updosed, and coarser grind targeting "middle" extraction goals such as 1.4 TDS and 22% EY are where this coffee shine. Its light roast profile should make for easy brewing and success across various methods.

We use 60 hardness, 20 buffer water heated to 198F in all of our recipes.


Producer: Miller Sarmiento
Farm: Lote 3
Region: Santa Maria, Huila
Country: Colombia
Elevation: 1,952 masl
Variety: Caturra
Process: washed
Process details: Ripe cherries are floated for defects, depulped, and inoculated with yeast for a 36-hour fermentation, washed, and dried on raised beds for 10-14 days until reaching target moisture content.
Sourcing: Coffee Quest