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Colombia Rodrigo Sanchez Pink Bourbon

Colombia Rodrigo Sanchez Pink Bourbon


Coffee flavor profile:

Hawaiian punch, maple candy, cotton candy, sugary, granular mouthfeel, clean, juicy.

How we roast it:

A very rare varietal with interesting green characteristics, this coffee presented quite a challenge to express well. The intense sweetness in this coffee isn't modulated by Malliard quite the same as other coffees we've encountered. We roasted it, well, gently, sure to not spend too much time in any particular phase of roast. Expect good balance, intense sweetness, and clean cup character.

How we drink it:

Colombian coffees tend to be versatile, and this is no different. Expect clean and juicy notes to persist across brew methods. A high ratio espresso with a big extraction is very very very fun (1:2.6+, 20%+).



Farm: Finca Monteblanco
Region: Huila
Producer: Rodrigo Sanchez




Pink Bourbon

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