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Ecuador Juan Carlos Velez

Ecuador Juan Carlos Velez

From the famed CafeXPorto group comes this classical profile washed Typica. Very deliberate processing methods take place among the farmer's in this export group, and it shows in this coffee's clean presentation and layered complexity. These types of coffees are favorites here at H+S.

Coffee flavor profile:

A very clean cup with a distinct layered composition. Juicy strawberry, stonefruits and citrus dominate the acidity up front. Behind that, the sweetness of the strawberry note carries into a smooth, indulgent chocolate truffle on the back end. We love this characteristic because it gives balance to the cup at much lighter profiles. We don't have to "roast in" to balance here.

How we sourced it:

This coffee comes to us from the legends behind CafeXPorto, an exporting group founded and managed by Juan Peña (of the famed Hacienda La Papaya) and associates.

How we roast it:

Screen size variance in this Typica variety lot responds best to a balanced roast profile. We roast it a bit faster to enhance its acidity without losing too much of the velvety chocolate sweetness. We call this a solidly light roast.

How we drink it:

This coffee is quite fun and offers a lot of potential avenues for enjoyment. Paper and metal filter methods will both present a unique cup.



Farm: Velez Family farm
Producer: Juan Carlos Velez
Region: Azuay Valley


Washed process



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