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Ecuador La Yumbada Cidra

Ecuador La Yumbada Cidra

La Yumbada Farm in Ecuador. Photo courtesy Red Fox Coffee Merhcants
La Yumbada Farm // Red Fox Coffee Merchants

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Pineapple, starfruit, lychee, watermelon, stonefruit, complex tropical fruits, pink lemonade, layered, clean, intense, unique

Roast Profile Details:

Cidra is a newer mutation of Red Bourbon and Typica varietals. It is very rare and expensive to grow. Many farms plant Cidra as a 'boutique' crop next to their more reliable varietals. Red Bourbon brings sweetness and depth to the cup, while Typica is known for bright acidity and tropical fruits. The resulting Cidra profile is full of layered, sweet, and acidic notes. This is a prominently acid-forward coffee, with many layers of sweetness lurking beneath. We roast this offering to highlight that acidity and provide plenty to ponder over this wonderfully clean and complex offering.

Also to note-- Ecuadorian labor laws dictate that all full-time workers are given health benefits and paid time off. This is unheard of in many countries, much less coffee-producing nations. This raises the price at origin, and carries through all the way to us. We support these efforts, and many others like them.

How we drink it:

Paper filter methods will provide the most complexity to appreciate from this cup. As espresso, we're finding a lot of layered tropical fruit notes



Region: Las Tolas
Farm: La Yumbada
Producers: Christian and Rommy




Cidra (Red Bourbon and Typica mutation)

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