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Ethiopia Girma Eshetu East

Ethiopia Girma Eshetu East


Coffee flavor profile:

Peach, nectarine, syrupy, black tea, cacao, floral aromatics, clean, complex, classic washed flavor profile.

How we roast it:

Girma Eshetu East is a classic, solid, fundamental washed Ethiopian. It presents juicy, fruity flavors, complex tea like nuances, and floral aromatics. We've roasted it on a balanced curve to emphasize its well rounded character. 

How we drink it:

Typically best enjoyed on paper-filter methods and espresso. We entered this coffee into Golden Bean North America this year, where it won two bronze medals-- one for paper filter / drip, and the other for single origin espresso.



Region: Keffa Zone, Bita Genet Woreda
Producer: Girma Eshetu





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