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Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Botto Natural

Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Botto Natural

Fresh harvest incoming Jan-Feb 2021

Coffee Flavor and Roast Profile

Peach, strawberry, blueberry, caramel, smooth, creamy, very sweet, balanced, syrupy, sticky finish. We've roasted this natural process coffee to exemplify the syrupy sweetness of the stone fruit flavors, offer a nice caramel body, and give a smooth, lingering finish.

About this Coffee

Kossa Geshe was one of the first lots that we targeted for year-over-year purchasing from our partners at Crop to Cup. This year, scores are not measurably improved. The nature of why that is can be seen in the nature of conflict in Africa for the past hundreds of years. This year, Ethiopia has had many tensions surrounding the build-up to a-- ultimately failed-- coup. Many farmers rushed their cherries to station, picking more under-ripe cherry in a hurry to get paid and take care of themselves in the face of a potential military uprising. On the other side, the sudden surge of cherries to mills slowed them down, internet and communications were shut off, port traffic ground to a halt and many lots-- all of H+S lots included-- experienced delayed shipments.

It's difficult to quantify our desire for particular quality of coffees in the face of our farmers facing conflict nearly everyday. The coup attempt earlier this year is just this year's version of events that put working farmers and laborers in dire situations. It's a way of life in many of the countries we source from. 

Still, Kossa Geshe lot Botto is yet another supreme effort from this community. 4 years into purchasing from this community has lead to numerous benefits for these farmers and workers. The list is large-- these big differentials really do make tangible impacts in this community. A schoolhouse, worker kitchens, running water bathrooms, worker housing, improved roads, a concrete drying patio, and other improvements have been built in this community since we starting purchasing in 2015. A big part of this work is the relationship between Abdulwahid, the community leader of Kossa Geshe, and our partners at Crop to Cup. 

Abdulwahid stands under mature coffee trees. Crop to Cup

How we drink it

This natural process Ethiopian shines like few single origins can on every method.


Region: Limmu




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