Ethiopia Kossa Moata special prep

Ethiopia Kossa Moata special prep

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Coffee overview

We've been buying this coffee for 5 years because of it's amazing cup qualities and community-level work being done to improve working conditions in this community. Your purchase of this coffee has had tangible impacts: worker housing units, running-water bathroom facilities, on-site schoolhouse, road improvements, concrete drying patios, and more.

This year, we also purchased this incredible lot separation led by producer Moata Raya. Improving upon the already clean characteristics of Kossa's coffee, this lot separation adds more brilliant acidity to the cup.

Coffee flavor profile

Strawberry, nectarine, cherry, caramel

Acidity: moderate
Sweetness: jammy, caramel
Body: mild

Recommended brewing

Versatile and fun in a variety of methods. For filter, we recommend a slightly lower brewing temp to emphasize sweetness. For espresso, we find ratios around 1:2.5 to be the sweet spot.


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Limmu
Community: Kossa Geshe
Producer: multiple smallholder producers


Dried on patios


Ethiopian Landraces


Crop to Cup