Kenya Gathaithi AA

Kenya Gathaithi AA

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Coffee overview

This stunningly intense coffee comes from the Gathaithi Farmer's Cooperative Society, in the center of Kenya's famous Central Highlands. Membership totals 1,542 farmers. Part of previous harvest profits are set aside to provide school funding, access to farm inputs and emergency funds.

The intensity from this cup cannot be overstated. This coffee is brimming with tropical fruit flavors and syrupy sweetness, and measures off the charts in extraction potential. While it leans heavily into bright acidity, the cup also shows thick, syrupy sweetness and a rounded body in the form of brown sugar.

Coffee flavor profile

Pomegranate, passion fruit, pineapple, kiwi, blackberry, currant, brown sugar

Acidity: intense
Sweetness: juicy, syrupy
Body: round

Recommended brewing

This light roast is so loaded with potential flavors that it is a joy to brew across many methods. It's extractability allows very high ratios. We enjoy 1:18+ ratios on paper filter drip and 1:3+ on espresso.


Country: Kenya
Region: Kiambu
Farm: Gathaithi FCS
Farmer: Multiple smallholder farmers
Producer: Gathaithi FCS


Fully washed


SL34, SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian


Crop to Cup / Showroom Coffee