Rwanda Gatare
Rwanda Gatare
Rwanda Gatare
Rwanda Gatare

Rwanda Gatare

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Size 250g

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Coffee overview

A sweet, smooth and classically natural Red Bourbon from Rwanda Trading Company. This lot offers a nice contrast to the punchy Gitwe by smoothing things out with plenty of sugary dark fruit notes. Juicy cherry lends brightness to the cup, which finishes with a syrupy root beer sensation. 

Coffee flavor profile

Blueberry, cherry, root beer.

Acidity: juicy
Sweetness: syrupy
Body: sticky

Recommended brewing

Filter: Clean, but earthy finish with the 1:18 Gabi Standard recipe. Lower ratios like 1:17 will be much more fun and bring sweetness into the finish. There is a large window for exploration with this one.

We use 60 hardness, 20 buffer water heated to 198F / 92C in all of our recipes.


Producer: smallholder farmers
Mill: Gatare Washing Station
Co-op: Rwanda Trading Company
Region: Nyamasheke
Country: Rwanda
Elevation: 1,800 masl
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural