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Lavender/Control - Ethiopia Girma Eshetu

Lavender/Control - Ethiopia Girma Eshetu

Coffee Flavor and Roast Profile

Two bags of identically roasted coffee. Experimental additional processing was done to half of this lot to give it a very strong floral character, namely lavender. The "control sample" is the base lot without additional processing.

Floral, lavender, tangerine, milk chocolate, complex.

About this Coffee

NOW AVAILABLE! Batch 4, our May release, is ready to go. Roasting May 3rd and shipping until sold out!

More to come about this lot and the process we applied to it. Stay tuned!

How we drink it

This experiment has only been tasted on the cupping table so far. We think it will taste great and unique in any method.


Region: Limmu





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