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Papua New Guinea AAAK Yonki
Papua New Guinea AAAK Yonki
Papua New Guinea AAAK Yonki
Papua New Guinea AAAK Yonki
Papua New Guinea AAAK Yonki

Papua New Guinea AAAK Yonki

The Highlands of Papua New Guinea are a lot like Wyoming. Young people leave their rural highlands to seek the best opportunities in the cities. Part of the Anga Cooperative's (AAAK) mission is to get the younger generation more involved in farming and agriculture practices to uphold the economy of the highlands. New farmers who plant enough harvestable coffee trees receive bonuses, and a new cupping competition rewards livestock to the top lots. This livestock provides food and additional income streams to the farmers. Yonki, a lot separation from AAAK, is one of these winning coffees.

Our trade partner for this lot, Ben from Crop to Cup, wrote a delightful travel log of this harvest. You can read it here!

Coffee flavor profile:

Rich, syrupy and lingering, citrus, dark fruits, ginger, big body.

How we roast it:

AAAK Yonki has the big body and syrupy mouthfeel of coffees from this region, and we play into that idea with this roast. Body and citrus sweetness are the two main impressions from this cup. A ginger and citrus acidity are present, but the syrupy-sweet-body is the star in this cup. 

How we drink it:

This is a well-rounded roast capable of good extractions in any format. Metal-filter and french-press types will respond well to the big body, while paper filter methods will give a clean syrupy cup. Espresso brings a bit of both to the table, with a surprisingly light body given its terroir. 



Region: Eastern Highlands
Cooperative: Anga Cooperative




Typica & Bourbon

Trade partner

Crop to Cup