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Space Jam: Total Eclipse
Space Jam: Total Eclipse
$ 14.50

Space Jam: Total Eclipse


Blend Flavor Profile:

Berries (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry), stone fruits (peach, cherry, mango, raspberry), watermelon, syrupy, sweet, fruit juice, clean, dazzling.

Roast Profile Details:

Did yall hear there is an eclipse this year?

Our famous blend from last year is back again this Summer with a few twists. Our base for Space Jam is Ethiopia Kossa Geshe. It's a G1 natural from the Limmu region. We loved the clean natural process last year, and this year it is profiling similarly, if even a bit jucier and cleaner than last year.

Last year, we paired Kossa Geshe with a nice syrupy and heavy bodied PNG. This year, we pulled all stops and paired it with our Long Miles Burundi Muninya and our Ecuador Rosa Incarnacion #5.

Bright, vibrant fruit notes doesn't even begin to describe this stunner. We created this blend to be fun and fruity, and this years version takes the good times up to 11.

How we drink it:

Space Jam: Total Eclipse is fun every which way!



Ethiopia, Limmu, Kossa Geshe

Ecuador, Imbabura, Rosa Incarnacion #5

Burundi, Muninya, Bukeye, Long Miles Coffee Project


Natural & washed

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