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Timor-Leste Café Brisa Serena Eratoi

Timor-Leste Café Brisa Serena Eratoi


This coffee is a real treat-- deep date and raisin sweetness compliment a mild grape acidity. All balanced around a unique marshmallow and nougat body.

After centuries of foreign occupation, Timor-Leste became a sovereign nation at the start of the 21st century. Despite the country's sovereign youth, Timor-Leste has a long history with coffee. In the 1950s, a naturally occurring crossbreed of Arabica and Robusta coffees—Hibrido de Timor (HDT)—helped the global coffee industry combat coffee leaf rust. The hybrid was exported and bred around the world to create stronger coffee plants. Today, around 25% of Timorese earn their living through coffee production.

In recent years, the coffee industry in Timor-Leste has grown in leaps and bounds. This is largely due to the work of Café Brisa Serena (CBS), a coffee exporter that helps farmers with technical assistance, coffee rehabilitation, and marketing strategy. CBS understood the difficulty of competing with larger and more well-known producing nations, and, has focused on improving coffee farmers' lives by improving coffee quality rather than increasing quantity of production. As a result, CBS provides exceptional levels of transparency and traceability and Timor-Leste almost exclusively produces organic coffee. 

This coffee is processed by a group of 15 farmers organized Café Brisa Serena (CBS) Timor Leste. These farmers are from the Ducurai Village and Eratoi sub-village, whose name literally translates to "a prayer for water" for a nearby waterfall. Water is of great importance to these farmers, and water usage and fermentation times are kept to an absolute minimum.

Read more about Café Brisa Serena.

Coffee flavor and roast profile:

Date, raisin, grape; marshmallow, nougat, graham; slight apple acidity, well balanced, great body, clean cup. A very interesting flavor profile for a coffee from this part of the world.

This coffee is roasted "low and slow," aiming for balance around the delectable creamy body and the surprising juicy fruit notes. It's a low moisture / low density coffee, meaning we need a longer roast time to tease out the balance.

How we drink it:

This is a well-rounded roast capable of good extractions in any format. Metal-filter and French-press types will respond well to the big body, while paper filter methods will give a clean syrupy cup. Espresso brings a bit of both to the table, with a surprisingly juicy shot given its terroir. 

Espresso Recipe:
Ratio: 1:2.5
Time: ~40 seconds

We like big shots, so we loaded 22g in for 55g out. A faster extraction than we're used to, after 8 seconds of pre-infusion at 3 bar this pulled the 55 grams quickly in an additional 30 seconds. This indicates a pretty soluble coffee for its roast profile. A finer grind and long extraction my make 1:3 ratio viable.

Timor-Leste espresso shot



Grower: 15 farming families, Eratoi 1 group
Region: Letefoho sub-district, Ermera municipality
Cooperative: Café Brisa Serena




Timor hybrid, Typica

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