French Press Brewing Guide

French Press Brewing Guide

French Press Instructions (Please use the drop downs to calculate the brewing instructions).



French Press

The French Press's extraction process is very similar to a tea steeping process it offers a bold rich cup of coffee with none of the oils pulled out. It's very easy to clean up and it's ease of use is very convenient.

Quick Brew Checklist

  • N/A of whole bean coffee
  • Target Brew Time N/A min
  • Equipment/Items Needed

  • French Press
  • Agitation Stick
  • Scale
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Coffee (Whole Bean)
  • Water (Filtered)
  • French Press Step By Step Instructions

  • Step 1 Preheat
    Fill the French Press up with water freshly brought off boil. After waiting 10 seconds, discard the water from the French Press.

  • Step 2 Weigh
    Weigh out of whole bean coffee. Using your favorite grinder, grind the coffee to a very coarse setting. (Keep in mind that altitude plays an important role in your grinder settings. As you move up in altitude you will find that you will need to grind your coffee finer). To read more on the grind click here.

  • Step 3 Grind
    Dump your freshly ground coffee into the French Press. Set the French Press on the scale and turn it on. If the scale doesn't read 0 press the tare/zero button.

  • Step 4 Pour
    Now that everything is set up, start the minute timer on the webpage, and pour the hot water into the center of the coffee grounds. Slowly pour in a circular motion until your scale reads . Wait 20 seconds for the water to saturate the grounds, allowing the CO2 to escape. Give it a quick stir, place the lid on top of the cylinder, but don't press the piston down.

  • Step 5 Press
    As the timer is reaching the final 10 seconds hold the lid in place and slowly press the piston down until it bottoms out. Immersion Master Tip "If the coffee tastes weak the grind was too course, but if the coffee is too strong then the grind was too fine"

  • Step 6 Enjoy
    Close Your Eyes...
    Tune out everything around you, but the dizzying aroma of the coffee.
    Now Smell...
    Try to identify and describe the aroma in your own words. Chocolate? Nutty? Floral? Sweet?
    The Moment Has Finally Come, Taste The Coffee!
    Slowly focus on the flavor, let the coffee evenly coat your tongue. When does the bright dazzling acidity hit? What does it taste like? Is there sweetness? Is it more caramelized or like candy? A well prepared coffee will not be overly bitter, nor will it be astringent. It will instead display an amazing array of flavors brought out by many carefully controlled steps, from planting the seed to your finished cup!