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Kono Brewing Guide

Kono Meimon Instructions (Please use the drop downs to calculate the brewing instructions).



Bloom Time

Kono Meimon

Filter from the Kono Syphon Co. Was one of the first conical shaped coffee brewers. The ribs near the bottom force the coffee to brew a bit longer which tends to help the acidity of the cup.

Quick Brew Checklist

  • N/A of whole bean coffee
  • Target Pour Dose N/A every 20 seconds
  • Target Brew Time N/A min of time
  • Equipment/Items Needed

  • Kono
  • Kono / Hario V60 Filter
  • Scale
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Coffee (Whole Bean)
  • Water (Filtered)
  • Kono Step By Step Instructions

  • Step 1 Unfold + Rinse
    Unfold the filter into the Kono, and rinse well. Carefully press the top edges of your filter paper down while pouring near boiling water into the center circling slowly your way towards the outside edge. This step makes sure you have good contact in-between the filter and the ribs of the Kono while also rinsing the paper flavor out of the filter and preheats your vessel. After the hot water has made it through the filter discard it by dumping your server out.

  • Step 2 Weigh
    Weigh out of whole bean coffee. Using your favorite grinder, grind the coffee on a medium-fine setting. (Keep in mind that altitude plays an important role in your grinder settings. As you move up in altitude you will find that you will need to grind your coffee finer). To read more on the grind click here.

  • Step 3 Grind
    Dump your freshly ground coffee into the Kono's filter. Lift the Kono up and shake the grounds to evenly distribute in the filter. Then place Kono back on your brewing vessel. Set the brewing vessel and the Kono on the scale and turn it on. If the scale doesn't read 0 press the tare/zero button.

  • Step 4 Bloom
    Now that everything is set up, you can start the timer on the webpage, pour the hot water into the center of the coffee grounds. Slowly pour in a circular motion until your scale reads . Wait 30-45 seconds for the water to saturate the grounds, allowing the CO2 to escape and giving the coffee time to release its identity into the water. Pour Master Tip: "Having trouble with the bloom seeping out? Create a crater in the center that will cradle the water on an uneven surface.

  • Step 5 Hand Drip
    After taking in all that sweet aroma you can start your timer/stopwatch shooting for the scale to read in about minutes, keeping your pours to about every 20 - 25 seconds. When pouring always pour into the center and spiral your way out making sure not hit the paper filter. After reaching on the scale, let the coffee make it's way slowly out of the Kono. Once it stops dripping remove the Kono and discard the paper filter. Pour Master Tip "If you overshot the brew target time then your grind may have been too fine. If it finished too quickly then you grind was too coarse"

  • Step 6 Enjoy
    Close Your Eyes...
    Tune out everything around you, but the dizzying aroma of the coffee.
    Now Smell...
    Try to identify and describe the aroma in your own words. Chocolate? Nutty? Floral? Sweet?
    The Moment Has Finally Come, Taste The Coffee!
    Slowly focus on the flavor, let the coffee evenly coat your tongue. When does the bright dazzling acidity hit? What does it taste like? Is there sweetness? Is it more caramelized or like candy? A well prepared coffee will not be overly bitter, nor will it be astringent. It will instead display an amazing array of flavors brought out by many carefully controlled steps, from planting the seed to your finished cup!