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Burundi Muninya Bukeye - Long Miles Coffee Project
$ 14.00

Burundi Muninya Bukeye - Long Miles Coffee Project

About Long Miles Coffee Project:

Coffee. People. Potential.

So much of our goal at H+S is to simply interpret the work of dozens of pairs of hands that came before us, all links in the chain of coffee production. We spend a great deal of time tracking down not only the best quality of coffee that we can find, but coffees which also have a unique story to tell, and which make a meaningful economic impact to the communities surrounding the farms. Luckily, these attributes often go hand-in-hand. The best coffees are such because the best practices were used to farm and process them, and the farmers and workers in turn are earning the best prices. 

Long Miles Coffee Project encompasses all these attributes, and we are thrilled to be able to share their story with our customers. Bukeye Washing Station was founded in 2013 by Ben and Kristy Carson, with the intent on raising quality and economic stability for the village of Bukeye and the greater region surrounding it in Burundi.

Each year, Long Miles Coffee Project's lots are highly sought after, and each year their lots are increasing in quality. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with this organization, and for what the future will bring to the people of Burundi, as well as the specialty coffee industry as a whole.

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Orange cream soda, raspberry, lime, strawberry, caramel, whipped cream, plum, pear, juicy, clean, complex, vibrant, bright.

Roast Profile Details:

A very zesty and vibrant profile which marks a lot of firsts for our roastery: first Burundi, first Peaberry, and first directly traded coffee. We are extremely excited to be checking those boxes with this offering. Intense flavors throughout, first punctuated by a wonderful orange cream soda, moving through a plethora of acidic fruits, into a syrupy sweetness of caramel and whipped cream, and finishing with sweeter fruits such as pear. We roast it to maintain that lovely orange cream up front, this profile just barely treads into light territory and we'd definitely call this one "very light." This is not only a prime Burundi cup, but also a prime example of the future of coffee production (as we would like to see it, anyways).

How we drink it:

For drip, offering is best experienced via paper filter methods. It is a very juicy espresso, and the addition of milk really brings out the whipped cream notes.



Kayanza Province, Muninya Hill
Bukeye Washing Station, Bukeye Village




Bourbon, Jackson

Trade partner

Direct Trade with Long Miles Coffee Project
Import partner: Olam Coffee


Where it came from:

Map of Kayanza Province, Bukeye Village, Burundi