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Colombia Aponte Cherry

Colombia Aponte Cherry

The Aponte Village Community is well established in the coffee industry. The village of Aponte and its surrounding farmland have a very ideal climate for processing coffee, aided by a nearby volcano which regularly deposits nutrient-rich ash along the hillsides. Their lots are clean and consistent from year to year, and they are experts in processing techniques-- we offered their red honey lot last season. This Cherry lot is a separation in which the coffee cherries were allowed extended ripening before & after being picked.

Coffee flavor profile:

Incredible sweetness, citrus and stone fruit pie, sugary mouthfeel, well balanced, sessionable.

How we roast it:

A very straightforward approach to this very consistently processed lot. We aim for best balance, introducing body and sweetness to pair with the citrus and stonefruit flavors. We tend to favor this approach with most Colombian coffees. It produces a very approachable and sessionable cup.

How we drink it:

All options on the table for this balanced medium roast. Good espresso along 1:2 type ratios.



Producer Aponte Village Community
Farm: Various smallholder farms
Region: Nariño





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