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Colombia El Obraje

Colombia El Obraje

El Obraje Farm in Narino Colombia

Coffee flavor profile:

Dark fruits-- plum, blueberry, overripe strawberry; citrus, cacao, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, clean, juicy, well balanced, round.

How we roast it:

We roast this offering to bring out max sweetness while maintaining a pleasant, soft acidity among the fruit notes. The exceptionally clean processing presents a very clean cup, well rounded and balanced.

Coffee details:

Mr. Pablo Guerrero was the first to introduce coffee to the Tangua area outside of the city of Pasto. The town used to be a wheat and bean production area, but as business started to falter Mr. Guerrero saw an opportunity to explore with coffee. It was risky because he was unsure how productive coffee would be in the high attitude, but coffee flourished and now others are following in his footsteps. Pablo Guerrero's farm El Obraje is one of the most stunning pieces of properties in the mountains of the Narino department. Originally the farm was an apple orchard, and transition to coffee has been challenging yet rewarding. Mr. Guerrero's background in architecture leads him to approach coffee from both passionate and pragmatic angles, applying planting and processing strategies designed for long term farm health. --Ally Coffee

How we drink it:

Colombian coffees tend to be versatile, and this is no different. Expect clean and juicy notes to persist across brew methods.



Farmer: Pablo Guerrero
Farm: El Obraje
Region: Nariño





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