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Democratic Republic of Congo Mapendo

Coffee Flavor and Roast Profile

Blackberry, green apple, tart, citrus, baking spice, molasses. One of our lightest roasts, we are emphasizing the bright complexities of this coffee to contrast with its spiced notes.

About this Coffee

This coffee has made it through:
Pandemic lockdowns
Extended rain season, delayed drying times
Volcanic eruption & evacuation
Boat stuck in a canal, delays at ports
Midwest tornadoes
Wyoming winds shutting down highways

We first tasted and became enamored with this coffee a full year before it finally made it to us. It's lost a step from the arduous journey, but still provides an exciting and intense cup.

This is our first year working with Mighty Peace Coffee. This lot comes from the Mapendo Women's Group, part of the Muungano Cooperative.

How we drink it

So far we are preferring paper filter methods, as this is a very light roast. In particular we enjoy our Kono Wave pour over method:

Kono Wave dripper with Kalita Wave 185 filter
20g coffee (grind a bit finer than v60)
340g water (1:17 ratio)
50g bloom @ 200F for 1 minute
Pour up to 220g for 1 minute
Draw down to just above bed, reheat kettle to 200F
Finish pour up to 340g in tight, centered pour
Total brew time 3:30-4:00


Region: African Great Lakes
Province: South Kivu
Washing Station: Buchiro, Chebumba





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