Ecuador La Papaya anaerobic

Ecuador La Papaya anaerobic

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Coffee overview

An anaerobic process from famed producer Juan Peña of Hacienda La Papaya, this coffee offers stunning acidity and complexity. La Papaya is known for its exceptional quality control and consistent processing, and serves as a training center for producers around the region.

This Typica variety was anaerobically processed for 120 hours, then washed and dried on raised beds.

Coffee flavor profile

Red grape, honeydew, chocolate, layered

Acidity: intense, complex
Sweetness: syrupy
Body: mild

Recommended brewing

Paper filter methods preferred to produce the cleanest cup. We recommend a lower brewing temperature-- around 190F-- with a low hardness water (such as Holy Water). This coffee extracts very quickly, and grind size should not be adjusted too much to try to compensate. Let it run.


Country: Ecudaor
Region: Saraguro
Community: Loja
Farm: Hacienda La Papaya
Farmer: Juan Peña
Producer: CafExporto


Anaerobic washed




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