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Ecuador Rosa Encarnación

Ecuador Rosa Encarnación

Rosa Encarnacion bag

Ecuador has one of the highest average prices for coffee in South America. Partly due to tariffs and taxes, partly due to difficult access, and partly due to strong worker's rights. While the former can be seen as a hurdle, the latter is a welcome charge. Workers in Ecuador benefit from PTO, medical leave, maternity leave, and other guaranteed protections.
This coffee comes from a farm owned by Rosa Encarnación and her family. A single hectare (2.5 acres), Finca Rafaela is an exceptionally high altitude farm among Ecuador's cloud forests. This altitude yields exceptionally dense beans, and along with methodical processing, results in one of the most exotic and lively coffees that we have ever encountered, certainly from South America.

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Bing cherry, lively tropical fruits, fortified wine, port, botanical, white part of watermelon fruit, exotic, intense, clean, juicy, short finish.

Roast Profile Details:

A stunning cup loaded with cherry and tropical fruit notes. When we first bought this coffee back in 2017, it vexed us with is unique green attributes. This year we are roasting a Caturra-only lot, but with similar very high density and moisture readings. We roast it hot and fast to speed through yellow and maintain maximum sweetness from a cup that is certainly acid dominant. Development is short both relatively and absolutely. Expect a bursting acidity and liveliness to leap out of the cup. A truly exotic experience not to be missed!

How we drink it:

This coffee performs best in paper filter methods. Metal filter methods add an earthiness and body that some may appreciate, but we tend to shy away from. With a large ratio (1:2.5+), espresso extractions are exotic.


Producer: Rosa Encarnación
Farm: La Rafaela
District: Urcuqui
Province: Imbabura
Region: Parroquia Cahuasqui





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