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Ecuador Rosa Incarnacion #5
$ 14.50

Ecuador Rosa Incarnacion #5

Ecuador Rosa Incarnacion #5 release photo

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Watermelon, bing cherry, tart, juicy, intense, botanical, slightly earthly, slightly rindy, clean finish.

Roast Profile Details:

A unique cup loaded with juicy, acidic notes.This lot has been surprising us since the sample we brought in seeking a complimentary note for our Modern Blend. This lot contains two distinct varietals-- Caturra & Castillo. On the varietal tree, they are pretty far apart from each other. A creative approach was needed to roast this coffee to it's highest potential. After a lot of trials, we're happy with a very Nordic-style approach, with an incredibly low development to balance with moderately high moisture loss. We've reduced as much earthiness as we can while keeping things as juicy and sweet as possible. There is plenty of sweetness to find, but make no mistake-- all tactile tastes on the palette are tied to a bright acidity first and foremost. A stunning display of phosphoric and tartaric acidity awaits.

How we drink it:

This coffee will extract well in all paper filter methods. Espressos are super clean but have a very small window, tread lightly. We won't recommend other metal-filter types, this coffee really needs a clean extraction.


Region: Imbabura





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