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Ethiopia Bensa Segera Orange

Coffee Flavor and Roast Profile

Orange marmalade, strawberry, floral, tea-like, very sweet, clean, complex. We roast this coffee lighter than our other natural offerings to emphasize the inherent complexity that this orange process evokes.

About this Coffee

The "Orange" part of this coffee refers to the lot sorting done before processing began. As an experiment, the producers sorted cherries by their color, conducted brix tests (sugar content), and then processed, roasted, and cupped. They found the orange cherries, while lower in brix, offered a cleaner and more complex cup over the red cherries (red cherries are usually the sign that a coffee is ripe and ready for picking). They decided to separate the orange cherries and naturally process them as a separate lot.

How we drink it

This very sweet and clean cup is enjoyed across all brew methods, and offerings something for everyone!


Zone: Sidamo
Woreda: Bensa
Kebele: Segera
Washing Station: Bensa Logita, Moplaco


Lot separated



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