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Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Botto Natural

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Watermelon, lime, blueberry, strawberry, tons of red and blue fruits, chocolate, round, juicy, clean, intense.

Roast Profile Details:

Kossa Geshe was one of the first lots that we targeted for year-over-year purchasing from our partners at Crop to Cup. A bursting of juicy fruits is the hallmark of this year's lot. Exceptionally clean processing that we have come to expect, there is very little natural fermentation flavor in this coffee. Expect supreme fruitiness and juiciness from the first opening of the bag to the last sip. This will be a favorite of 2018.

How we drink it:

This natural process Ethiopian shines like few single origins can on every method.


Region: Limmu





Trade partner

Crop to Cup