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Ethiopia Shenta Wene Testi Ayla box set

Ethiopia Shenta Wene Testi Ayla box set

Shenta Wene Testi Ayla

Shenta Wene is a community of about 1,000 farmers who deliver coffee cherry to nearby Testi Ayla washing station. This particular community is among the highest elevation in Sidama, Ethiopia. Farmers in this community live and work an average of 2 hecatres of farming land-- about 5 acres. Faysel Yonis is the individual responsible for overseeing this particular lot through two meticulous processes at Testi Ayla. High elevation coffees are our favorites. They have above average density, and produce the most intense cups. Shenta Wene Testi Ayla is truly overstated in its intensity.

It is very rare to sort a lot of this quality, from the highest elevation region of a famous Ethiopian zone, and produce two processes from it, and achieve results like this. It is nearly unheard of.

Carbonic Maceration: The entire lot spent 24 hours in an oxygen-deprived environment, inducing a first fermentation. 1/2 of the lot was then taken straight to raised drying beds and naturally processed over the following weeks. This cup is wildly fruity and intense. The most realistic, and sweetest, blueberry and strawberry notes we've ever tasted in an Ethiopian natural. Blueberry / raspberry cotton candy from the fair. A cooled cup could be fooled for fruit juice.

Double Ferment: After the initial 24 hour maceration, 1/2 of the lot was then processed in the traditional washed fashion-- underwater for 48 hours in cool, high elevation mountain water. After rinsing, the lot was transferred to raised beds and dried over the following weeks. This cup is soft, with numerous nuanced floral notes ranging from jasmine- to rose- to lavender. A sweet layer of peach, peach tea, and orange blossom anchors these florals from dancing away across the palate. Sweet lemon/lime enter as the cup cools.

Extra deliberation was taken at every step of these processes to ensure a quality outcome. The intention was to produce a pair that rose high above the rest, a tall order coming from this area of the world. Shenta Wene Testi Ayla triumphs.

Coffee Flavor and Roast Profile

Carbonic Maceration: Blueberry & Strawberry cotton candy, fruit juice, sweet, jammy, extremely intense. This coffee is roasted quickly with a low development to maximize sweetness and intensity.

Double Ferment: Peach, peach tea, orange blossom, jasmine, rose, lavender, very complex florals, soft, subtle. We roasted this coffee a bit longer than its pair. This brings a bit more balance into the cup, shying away from a juicy lemon/lime acidity and leaning into the florals.

How We Drink it

A standard filter ratio of 1:16 at 197F brings exceptional sweetness and clarity.


Farm: Multiple producers
Station: Testi Ayla
Producer: Faysel Yonis
Region: Bensa, Sidama


Mixed processes



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