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Ethiopia Yukro
$ 14.50

Ethiopia Yukro

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Nectarine, peach, lavender, jasmine, fresh ginger, white grape, floral, soft cup, delicate, complex, dry finish.

Roast Profile Details:

Our first 2017 harvest offering is a very delicate washed lot with plenty of complexities to reveal through the roast. We roast it quickly to maintain a clean cup, and emphasize the acidity as much as possible. A bright ginger acidity and peach juiciness wins out over a structured floral undertone. Nuanced and very clean, the cup is more of a structured series of flavors without any tangible body to back them up. It's transparent, we're told by friends. It's a fresh harvest washed Ethiopian, imported by Red Fox, what else can be said?

How we drink it:

For drip, Yukro is best experienced via paper filter methods-- clean cups are important with washed Ethiopians. Milk chocolate and caramel will reveal themselves in addition to more juicy notes when pulled as an espresso.


Region: Agaro
Woreda: Rugento
Union: Rugento





Trade partner

Red Fox Coffee Merchants


Where it came from:

Gera, Agaro, Ethiopia