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Honduras Miguel Moreno El Filo

Honduras Miguel Moreno El Filo

Honduras Miguel Moren El Filo photo

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Orange blossom, starfruit, plum, deep sweetness, green tea, layered, caramel, creamy body, balanced.

UPDATE 09/28/17 -- we have updated the label flavor notes to better reflect what we feel is dominant in the cup. This coffee is incredibly dynamic and presents a wide array of flavor experiences almost every time we make it!

Roast Profile Details:

El Filo is one of the family farms of the Moreno family-- son Miguel produced this exceptional lot. We've wanted a lot from Santa Barbara since H+S became a company, and we are very pleased to have this special coffee as our first offering from this region. This coffee is 100% Pacas varietal, which holds exceptional and deep sweetness. We roast it low and slow, spending plenty of time caramelizing sugars, before dropping out of the roaster with a very low development. This keeps the well of sweetness very deep while maintaining brilliant and clean acidity. This offering maintains great balance with a caramel body that is-- you guessed it-- very sweet!

How we drink it:

A versatile and fun offering every which way. Extremely complex and layered espresso. Clean, sweet, and syrupy as a pour over.




Region: Santa Barbara
Farm: El Filo
Producer: Miguel Moreno
Washing Station: Benefico San Vicente





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