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Kenya Chwele Peaberry

Kenya Chwele Peaberry

2020 Good Food Awards Winner

We are incredibly humbled to be a 2020 GFA winner! This is an award given not only for a high-quality product, but also for social and environmental responsibility throughout the product chain. The coffee category is unique as we must ensure these responsibilities at origin (which can be very difficult to do), as well as within our own company.

This selection means so much to us. It represents a great deal of work that we undertake which isn't obvious in the coffee cup. While we have always worked hard to present high-quality and tasty coffees, we have also made a commitment to bringing transparency to our offerings, always utilizing best practices to reduce, reuse and recycle, and being a positive participant in our local community. All of these things, and more, are vetted towards a Good Food Award winner selection.

One Batch Left

We only have one batch of this coffee left. It's been vacuum sealed and is waiting for a special occasion to release the rest of it. Keep an eye on our social media or signup for our newsletter to be notified when we will release the last batch!

Coffee Flavor and Roast Profile:

Raspberry, black plum-- sweet dark fruit and sour skin, cherry taffy, mango, tropical fruits, singing stonefruits, bright, clean, juicy, complex.

About this Coffee:

A whole new adventure in Kenya, where we look to the West of the country to the slopes of Mount Elgon-- more renowned in Uganda for coffee than Kenya's oft-overlooked slopes. A large coffee community nonetheless, where approximately 1,300 metric tonnes of coffee are exported each year.

Chwele is a rather small Farmer Cooperative in the area, with about 1,000 members contributing cherries to the washing station. This Peaberry lot is a separation commonly done in Kenya, where coffees from the same farmers are separated by screen size before being graded and sold.

Chwele may be setting a new bar for exceptional quality coming from this region. That should come as good news to everyone who enjoys Kenyan coffee as we continue to see declines in coffee production in the more famed Mt. Kenya highlands as urbanization and pastureland continue to overtake traditional coffee growing regions.

How we drink it

This coffee soars on the cupping table, but that's where immersion enjoyment might end. A singing coffee that will show off in any paper-filter method.



Bungoma, Mt. Elgon
Chwele FCS



Origin Pricing Method

C-market differential


SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11


Crop to Cup

At Origin Differential

C-market plus 244%