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Kenya Gakuyuini AA
$ 15.00

Kenya Gakuyuini AA


Coffee Flavor Profile:

Grapefruit, pineapple, blackberry, tart, citrus, vibrant, clean, complex

Roast Profile Details:

We love the clean and complex characteristics of good Kenyan offerings, and this one is no different. Punchy, vibrant acidity mingles with bright and fresh citric and berry flavors. This offering is clean, refreshing, and satisfying. A great early morning Summer cup.

How we drink it:

This coffee will extract well in all paper filter methods. Espressos are super clean but have a very small window, tread lightly. We won't recommend other metal-filter types, this coffee really needs a clean extraction.



Region: Kirinyaga


Washed (Kenyan process)


SL28, SL34

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