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Kenya Kiangoi AA

Kenya Kiangoi AA


Coffee Flavor Profile:

Blueberry, cotton candy, dark fruits, jam, clean, bright, complex, very sweet

Roast Profile Details:

In contrast to our other Kenyan currently on the menu, the Gakuyuini AA, this Kiangoi AA offers up a much deeper sweetness with lots of dark fruit notes. Blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, and other fruits are clean, clear, and with plenty of intense sweetness. 

How we drink it:

This coffee will extract well in all paper filter methods. Espressos are super clean but have a very small window, tread lightly. We won't recommend other metal-filter types, this coffee really needs a clean extraction.



Region: Kirinyaga


Washed (Kenyan process)


SL28, SL34

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