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~Nighthawks Blend

~Nighthawks Blend


Coffee flavor profile:

Orange, tropical fruit, punch, sugary, sweet, syrupy, viscous, caramel, chocolate, full bodied, touch of roast

How we roast it:

Nighthawks is a half-decaf, half regular blend, featuring our stunning Decaf Las Hermosas, and for the moment, our Colombia Rodrigo Sanchez Pink Bourbon. Intended to be fun and punchy, this is a sweet and very sessionable blend that we have been drinking all day since we developed it.

How we drink it:

This blend is great every which way. All methods, all day. We entered this blend into Golden Bean North America in the three categories eligible for the top prize-- Espresso, Espresso with Milk, and Filter / Drip. It won a bronze medal in all three categories.