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Peru Marcos Gonzalez

Peru Marcos Gonzalez


Coffee Flavor Profile:

Wildflower honey, florals, white peach, nectarine, white grape, clean, deep sweetness, balanced, complex.

Roast Profile Details:

Peru is on the rise-- some of our favorite cups have come from Peru the last two years. This year we represent both the Northern and Southern regions of this country with two excellent lots with wild differences and a few similarities. One thing we know from all of Peru: sweetness runs deep, and gives excellent inherent balance and body to the cup. In the Northern region of Cajamarca we come across this astonishing lot-- floral character is not often seen from this terroir, and coupled with the deep sweetness that we define these coffees by, creates an incredibly unique cup.

We roast this offering to the same profile as our other current Peru (Suriray) to highlight overall balance between the deep sweetness and lighter, floral character of the cup.

How we drink it:

We love our offering from Peru because they offer a lot of versatility. All methods seem to produce something to appreciate.



Region: Cajamarca
Cooperative: Coopagro
Producer: Marcos Gonzales Torres





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