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Peru Reserva Suriray

Peru Reserva Suriray


Coffee flavor profile:

Mango, tropical fruits, sweet lime, creamy, vanilla custard, raisin, round, well balanced, big body.

How we roast it:

Our Peru offerings have very naturally good balance and big body. We take advantage of this and roast to bring out more of the brighter acid and sweet notes. Balancing with the natural good body begets an exceptional result, very unique and drinkable.

How we drink it:

Peruvian offerings are some of our favorites for single origin espressos. They add a very creamy body to espresso drinks. We like this offering every other way too-- it has very broad appeal.



Coop: Huadquiña
Municipality: Santa Theresa
Region: Cusco




Caturra, Typica

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