Colombia Buenos Aires
Colombia Buenos Aires
Colombia Buenos Aires
Colombia Buenos Aires

Colombia Buenos Aires

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Coffee overview

A punchy and intense cup from producer Adriana Gonzales and the Divino Niño producer group. This Pink Bourbon variety expresses the hallmark pink flavors the variety is known for: pink lemonade, pink lady apple, and some pink taffy sweetness. You'll also find a sugary vanilla custard in the body.

Coffee flavor profile

Pink lemonade, pink lady apple, vanilla custard.

Acidity: punchy, citrus
Sweetness: taffy
Body: custard

Recommended brewing

Filter: This is a versatile coffee that can be rewarding in many ways. Higher ratios for very punchy intensity, lower ratios will bring out the vanilla custard body. A finer grind seems to work well with this coffee compared to others on our menu.

Espresso: in progress

We use 60 hardness, 20 buffer water heated to 198F in all of our recipes.


Producer: Adriana Gonzales, Divino Niño producer group
Farm: Buenos Aires
Region: Suaza
Country: Colombia
Elevation: 1,900 masl
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: washed
Sourcing: Osito Coffees