The Standard Espresso

Rich espresso blend designed for perfect shots every pull.

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award winning coffee

2022 Good Food Awards Winner
2021 Good Food Awards Finalist
2020 Good Food Awards Winner

2019 Coffee Fest, America's Best Nitro 2nd place

2019 Golden Bean multiple Award Winner
2018 Golden Bean multiple Award Winner
2017 Golden bean multiple Award Winner


We strive to ensure economic equity for all of the farmers & producers we work with. We represent all of the hard work that comes before us, and roast every coffee with the intention of highlighting that work.


All of our bags are reusable, recyclable #4 LDPE, and manufactured in a CO2 neutral facility. Please reuse or check with your local municipality about recycling options.

We utilize a low-energy ESP unit to capture over 99% of roasting emissions.

We reuse bags and liners as packaging materials, and compost all roasting byproducts.