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Coffee overview

Experiments put up for adventurous palates

These are fun, whimsical coffees that try to push the boundaries of how we at H&S think about and roast coffee. In particular, rehydration experiments will take place here. These coffees are not backed by the same guarantee that our other coffees have. They might be worse than their regular counterparts in the store. We do not guarantee enjoyment or good flavor. You may be weirded out or offended. Buyer beware.

Space Jam

roasted 10/26/2023. Heavy cosmic fruits. Peach strawberry earl grey milkshake.

Lavender rehydration: Mapendo

roasted 5/4/2023. DR Congo Mapendo rehydrated to 16% moisture with water steeped in lavender flowers.

Lavender ginger rehydration: Gafisse

roasted 5/4/2023. Ethiopia Shantawene Gafisse rehydrated to 16% moisture with water and ginger juice steeped in lavender flowers.