Ecuador Arashi
Ecuador Arashi
Ecuador Arashi
Ecuador Arashi

Ecuador Arashi

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Size 250g (8.8oz)

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Coffee overview

Last batch roasting 4/21/24

Producer Abel Salinas, a 2021 Cup of Excellence winner, brings us a beautifully clean and floral washed Mejorado to start what will be an incredible Ecuador season at H&S. This cup is soft, yet voluminous, and exceptionally clean.

Coffee flavor profile

D'anjou pear, marshmallow, orchid.

Acidity: soft
Sweetness: stonefruit
Body: floral

Recommended brewing

Rest: 30 days recommended

Filter: The Gabi 'standard' recipe of 1:18 offers great compliments between the juicy pear, sometimes peach, notes and heavy florals. In between is pure sweetness.

We use 60 hardness, 20 buffer water heated to 198F in all of our recipes.


Producer: Abel Salinas
Farm: Arashi
Region: Saraguro, Loja
Country: Ecuador
Elevation: 1,900 masl
Variety: Mejorado
Process: Washed
Sourcing: Coffee Quest