Yemen Hayma Dakhiliya SP
Yemen Hayma Dakhiliya SP
Yemen Hayma Dakhiliya SP
Yemen Hayma Dakhiliya SP

Yemen Hayma Dakhiliya SP

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Coffee overview

Marking another first for H&S is this very rare and exotic lot from the remote hills of Western Yemen. Grown by 120 farming families and processed by Qima Coffee, a company which provides traceability and sets a bar for quality for coffees in its portfolio. This lot received a 24 hour anaerobic step prior to natural processing on raised beds. In addition to the listed notes, expect deep complexities in this cup, along with very 'traditional' Yemen notes such as baking spice, earth, and chocolate.

Note: This lot is very small and the total inventory for sale has been set. It is only available via this listing and only in 250g bags. There will be no restocks on this lot.

Coffee flavor profile

Port, strawberry, pineapple.

Acidity: tropical
Sweetness: syrupy, rich
Body: winey, cacao

Funk: Level 2 (funk present)

Recommended brewing

Filter: The "Gabi Standard" recipe of 1:18 presents the best clarity in a very big, rich cup. Lower ratios will present ever-more rich and layered cups. Complexities are abound in this coffee and different methods are worth exploring.

We use 60 hardness, 20 buffer water heated to 198F in all of our recipes.


Producer: Multiple farming families
Region: Al Yair, Hayma Dakhiliya
Country: Yemen
Elevation: 2,200 masl
Variety: Yemenia
Process: Anaerobic natural
Process details: Once the coffee cherries are received, they are put in containers and a regulated increase in temperature is initiated for up to 24 hours. After this, the cherries undergo a treatment to eliminate defects and are readied for the second round of fermentation, which runs for 2-3 hours. Finally, the cherries are transferred to parabolic African beds for drying, until the moisture content within reaches 10-11%. Following this, the coffee beans are extracted from the cherries.
Sourcing: Qima Coffee