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Sweetwater Blend

Sweetwater Blend

Coffee Flavor Profile:

Honey, brown sugar, nutty, balanced, sweet, clean, mild acidity, medium body.

Roast Profile Details:

A blend of sweet coffees that are always in-season, and target the same flavor profile. The goal with this blend is to promote sweetness and cleanliness without any over-arching acidity, and to not let body become the dominant nuance. So, this roast fits a roughly medium profile, with good balance, and is heavy on sweetness. It is very versatile, and will taste good across the board of brewing methods. A real coffee-drinker's coffee and a favorite for camping.

How we drink it:

Our true jack-of-all-trades offering. From the drip machine at home to the percolator over a camp stove, this one will always taste sweet and smooth.

Subscription schedule:

Orders placed automatically Friday
Roasted Sunday, shipped Monday