H+S Wins Big at 2018 Golden Bean Competition

Posted by Coulter Sunderman on

H+S Coffee Roasters won eleven medals at Golden Bean 2018, the largest roasting competition in the country.

Every coffee entry was pulled from our regular production. No special work was involved in producing these results. This is just who we are, and these are the coffees as we drink and enjoy them.

We are especially proud of this result because it also reflects our history as a company, from the past to the future. Our standout winner, Ethiopia Kossa Geshe, has been a staple coffee on our menu since our founding. It is the first, and still only, natural process coffee that we roast. It won a bronze medal in 2016 and another in 2017. This year, it won 3 silver medals and a bronze. This progression forward shows an increase in quality production at the farm level. It shows the positive effects of the changes at the farm as a result of our partner's (Crop to Cup) social audit on site between the 2017 and 2018 harvests. It shows what elevating the communication between all parties involved in the coffee chain can yield. And it shows what H+S has learned about roasting coffee in the last year.

We are thankful to all of our customers and partners, who's support is what makes this all possible. Without it, we would not be able to operate on the principals that are most important to us-- quality, consistency, and creativity.

Here is a full list of our Golden Bean winners:

Ethiopia Kossa Geshe
SILVER Espresso
SILVER Espresso with milk
SILVER Single Origin Espresso
BRONZE Filter / Drip

Nighthawks Low Caffeine Blend
BRONZE Espresso
BRONZE Espresso with milk
BRONZE Filter / Drip

Ethiopia Girma Eshetu East
BRONZE Single Origin Espresso
BRONZE Filter / Drip

Colombia Las Hermosas Decaf
SILVER Decaf Espresso

Burundi Heza Nkonge
BRONZE Filter / Drip

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