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To our community-

We recently made a new friend, Gabriel at Maquina Coffee Roasters, by bonding over really good coffee-- Honduras El Filo. Ours is produced by Miguel Moreno, his by Olvin Moreno. Really good coffee has been bringing people together for hundreds of years. Coffee is ingrained in the human experience. At H+S we create this fundamental experience for our customers by roasting coffee to its highest experiential potential. It helps the bond.

Roasting coffee well isn’t enough, however. A critical function of our business is buying green coffee. What good is bonding with another person over coffee, if the coffee itself wasn’t sourced from people who themselves are closely bonded? In other words, we must make every effort to ensure the coffee we buy has come from a source where people are happy, engaged, and able to prosper from their work in creating this magical coffee experience. We, in turn, share those stories with our customers to create a bond between them and our farmers and producers. Every time a customer drinks a cup of our coffee, they have made a tangible and actionable contribution to a family on the other side of the world.

The people of Puerto Rico were devastated by Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico is a coffee producing country, and was at peak harvest when Maria changed the landscape and leveled almost everything. Our colleagues who have families in Puerto Rico have reported 100% crop loss, and utter devastation.

We are bonded to our community in Puerto Rico through coffee, and through our new friendship with Gabriel. Other Puerto Rican colleagues of ours have also pointed us in Gabriel’s direction for making a direct and actionable contribution to help a family in dire need.

Friday, September 29th is International Coffee Day, and it is also our last farmer’s market of the season in downtown Laramie. From Friday through Sunday, October 1st, we will donate 100% of retail bag profits from our farmer’s market, and all online sales, to Gabriel’s GoFundMe campaign. We encourage our community to join us Friday and through the weekend to support this cause.

Make a direct donation to Gabriel’s GoFundMe:

Donate to help all of Puerto Rico through United for Puerto Rico:

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